Education and work experience 

I finished my studies in economics this year at University of Alicante. The university career allowed me to realize that I wanted to dedicate myself to international cooperation. 

I also took conflict medation lessons that gave me basic knowledge to analyze and fix social conflicts. I recently dedicated myself to learning about digital marketing. 

  • Underdegree in economics (2016)
  • Conflicts mediation lessons (2013)
  • Basics lessons of Digital Marketing  (2017)

I currently work as a waitress in a cake shop in my small town, Almoradí. A few months ago I made an Intership for economisc at Raúl y Asociados S.L. 

Volunteer experience 

I have collaborated for five years with the Belgian animal shelter LoReA vzw and Asoka Orihuela. I have participated in the organization of several events for these non-profit associations, which has helped me improve my organizational and communication skills. We are more than 25 volunteers from various countries as Scotland, Finland and Norway.

I have also participated in some Cruz Roja projects related to the integration of the elderly.

More about me

My other activities and interests include listening to music, spending time with my friends and family. Go hill-walking and running. Reading. I am passionate about painting, and nteresting in anything related to art I any form. 



Adventure Sports